Youth Boxing Program

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Hello my name is Jospeh Awinongya and I would like to talk you about a community based after school program that provides assistance to students of Will County.   I have realized that some children need extra guidance and have developed a boxing/life coach program to help families who are struggling to keep their children out of trouble.   Will County Boxing offers a reduced rate for low income families through our youth sponsorship program and also assist families with fundraising.

Requirements For Youth Boxing Program

  • Program is for students 8 years old through 20 years old.
  • Students must get approval from legal guardian to join program.
  • Students need approval from a teacher, social worker, church, or other organization that is willing to track progress of student.
  • Student must maintain school and home responsibilities.
  • Students must sign a no-fight waiver clause


Benefits for Children.  

  • Your child will be safe at Will County Boxing and will gain self confidence!
  • Will County Boxing will teach your children the importance of cardio, strength training,  and nutrition.
  • Your child will learn boxing from a professional boxer/trainer and will also be given direction from a motivational speaker and teacher.
  • Focus on school work is enhanced with the collaboration of teachers, social workers, church/non-profit organizations, and family members.
  • Access to gym and exercise training.
  • Introduction to sports careers and opportunities to become trainers.
  • Reduced rate for will county students.
  • Students will learn that hard work and being responsible for your actions pays off.


Cost of Program.

  • $65 dollars per month for Will County Students (Regular price training $75/month)
  • Reduced rate of $50 dollars per month available for students eligible for the youth sponsorship program.
  • We offer fundraising assistance for families who join our fundraising team.

Please call Jeff Simms at  815-212-4729 if you would like to talk about this program.

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