Community Proposition 454

Community Proposition 454 (CP-454)

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The citizens of our community are requesting a stronger collaboration between school administrators and voters in an effort to protect the students, teachers, parents, and tax payers in our district.  We support a P-12 educational district with the following zoning guidelines.

  1. Any structure may be erected or any business carried on in a zone declared to be a P-12 educational district, provided it appertains to the activities of the institutions situated therein, and provided that it is not operated for profit. (Amendment 1 was adopted from legislation from Redlands California)
  2. Any school district currently generating revenue from a structure on a P-12 school must go under review with the tax payers of that district. Newer technologies of communication must be utilized by school administrators for informing students, parents, teachers, and tax payers regarding structures generating revenue on school grounds.   Information pertaining to profit producing structures on school properties must be posted on school websites, parents must be emailed, and information regarding the building plans of the structure must be made available to the public with less resistance and discord.
  3. Any P-12 school that currently houses a structure that generates revenue on school property must ensure students, parents, teachers, and tax paying constituents that 100% of the classrooms meet the international guidelines for EMF radiation exposure.
  4. Any current structure erected on P-12 school property generating revenue must be removed if the community does not approve of the structure in their community after receiving information in a fair manner.

Please support this cause by clicking on proposition 454 and signing the online petition.

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