Chicago Public Schools Petition

Dear President Barack Obama.

We are writing this petition in regards to the current fiscal crisis Chicago Public Schools is currently facing.  We the people of the City of Chicago seek to end the abuse our children have endured since Chicago mayors started appointing schools board members in 1872.   Residents in the City of Chicago are subjected to the highest taxes in the nation and deserve better education for our children.   Please respond to this petition and help the children of Chicago receive a better education.  The citizens of Chicago deserve the right to elect our school board members and we need your help.

We seek support for this petition for the children of Englewood Montessori and other impoverished schools in which only 5.87% of the children reach the standard test score.  We are writing this petition for all the children who live in high crime neighborhoods who do not have a chance to succeed based on their socioeconomic status and lack of support from our elected officals.  We believe the parents in these neighborhoods deserve to have their voices heard and have a say in their children’s education.  There is something wrong with our city when children are receiving longer sentences for drug convictions than the 7 1/2 years (or less) Barbara Byrd Bennett will be facing for stealing 2.3 million dollars from the children of Chicago.

We are writing this petition for the children of Mt Greenwood Elementary and other neighborhood schools that are subjected to property tax increases that are doing nothing to address parents fears that our neighborhood schools will be turned into charter schools.   We are subjected to crime invading our neighborhoods because our current system is not giving children a chance to succeed.  Our current school board members have proven their in-competencies and the citizens of Chicago would like to take a stand.

I look forward to a response from the White House after this petition gets the 100,000 mandatory signatures.

Sincerely Your,  the citizens of Chicago.

Please sign the citizens of Chicago Petition