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We need to ask questions and need everyone to work on the answers.  We need to hear the voices from every skin color, and ethnicity; regardless of your education level, household status, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, political views, family history, or socioeconomic status.  We need to realize the cause of our social differences and form a bond to fight the resistance.

EBT in the United states is term called Electric Balance Transfer which is utilized to administer food benefits for welfare recipients.   There are a lot of stereotypes I have experienced using my EBT welfare benefits to buy organic groceries.  I  can see the decent in the eyes of the 16 year old cashiers who have been instilled to think that lower socioeconomic citizens do not deserve the right to eat good foods.  Where has this attitude been adopted? and what can we do as a society to change the perspectives of our youth?

We need to talk about these issues in a constructive manner and adopt methods to ensure our planet is protected.  We are so blinded by issues that divide us, while our world leaders continue to exploit us, poison us, and destroy our planet.   How can we stop the destruction of our food and water supply?  How can we be a more sustainable society? We are all little tiny firecrackers when we stand alone but turn into dynamite when we unite.

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