Exile on Romaine Street

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Exile on Romaine Street

I’m sitting in a fetal position crying hysterically in the middle of a busy street and people won’t stop punching and kicking me.  I begged for sutures to heal the cuts and wounds all over my body and I was doused with salt.  I tried calling my wife, family, and friends for help but nobody responded.  THEY COULD LEAVE ME TO DIE FOR ALL I CARE!  I just want someone to pick up the children and make sure they are safe.  I cannot handle this anymore!  I do not want to raise my children like everyone else.

I have this parody in my head that involves parents, school administrators, activity directors, and daycare workers forming a huge line as I proceed to slap each one of them in the face repeatedly.  I do not condone violence and simply utilize my parody to alleviate the frustration I feel towards institutions that indirectly hurt children.  Does my son really need juice and fishy crackers during his 90 minute preschool class?  Perhaps I am cynical?   Maybe I should give up trying to fix everything that is wrong for my children?  Is there anything to be gained from feeding my children healthy foods?  Did I just get a divorce because of romaine lettuce?

It is difficult raising children in a society that does not understand the correlation between corporate profits and the rising epidemic of autoimmune disease in children.   I am stay at home dad with 3 children and caregiver to my son who suffers from type 1 diabetes.  I have not been the same since “I gave my 3-year-old son type 1 diabetes”.   I refuse to feed my children processed food and I make everything from scratch.  I am very concerned about pesticides, medications, vaccinations, and multi billion dollar corporations.  Did you hear my stance on the flu shot?  Why don’t the kids have a dinner salad?

Feeding your children organic unprocessed foods requires dedication, determination, and creativity.  It can be frustrating when all of your efforts at home are wiped out by opposing viewpoints from family, schools, and other parents.  I yelled at my kids for eating cheese puffs and juice at the library during book club.  I gave my wife an earful of resentment for not feeding the children a dinner salad when I already had the romaine lettuce prepped in the fridge.  I am writing Pope Francis letters asking him why the body of Christ is infested with pesticides?  “All praise the Atheist Diet”  Maybe I took this to far?

I can’t stop thinking about the day I yelled at my children for eating cheese puffs.  I was mad at my wife because I wanted her to be more receptive to the nutrition goals I have for my children.   I was mad at the library for offering my children snacks when I was so excited about someone reading to my children.  I was mad because I do not have many people who can relate to what I am going through.  I blamed the Cheese puffs and juice for my son’s sugar being 362.   I am angry because people are not very sympathetic to the needs of diabetics.  Why does my family need to be surrounded by children eating ice-cream on the day students meet their teachers?  How is my son supposed to take control of his diabetes when the world is trying to shove sugar down his throat?

I put a lot of pressure on myself to get control of my son’s type 1 diabetes.  I have goals of getting better control of his blood sugar that seem to vanish every time I walk out the front door.  Schools in America do a very poor job promoting childhood nutrition.  The principle of my daughters school allows an ice-cream social on school grounds 1 hour before meeting the teachers.  If students get perfect attendance in school they get a trip to Burger King.  Children are dying of cancer and suffering from autoimmune diseases while schools are taking  donations and supporting the same companies that are causing our children to suffer.   I’m starting to get frustrated again!  Is there a healthy solution?

Trying to promote childhood nutrition can be a brutal process.  Maybe I exaggerated a little bit when I said I was sitting in a fetal position being punched and kicked with salt being poured on my wounds.  Getting people to respect your parenting decisions can be torture when you feel like everyone is against you.   Keep your head up and never stop fighting for your children.   I talked to the woman who served cheese puffs and juice at book club and had a nice discussion about childhood nutrition.  I apologized to my children for yelling at them for eating cheese puffs and to my wife for getting mad over romaine lettuce.  I have realized that I cannot control my children forever but I can teach them how to make better choices.  I will keep sharing my stories and can only hope the world will do a better job of protecting our children.

Peace Out!  “Bread Not Bombs” Gotta Go,  If I don’t get my 2 year old a Mountain Dew and a bag of Flamin Hot Cheetos! She will go Bizerk!

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