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I have to pinch myself everyday to make sure I’m not dreaming.  My life is innocent, filled with love, and I never know what the day will bring.  I get more hugs and kisses on a daily basis than most people get in their lifetime.  I do not know how I landed this killer position! I have never had a job that made me feel this good in my entire life.  Being a stay at home dad for my 3 children is awesome!!!

I left corporate America and ventured into the life of a stay at home dad the day my son was born.  What a great feeling of not having to answer to the boss anymore!  I was the CEO of my own household.  I no longer needed to seek approval from a higher power and was free to make my own decisions.  I was feeling invincible up until the day my wife went back to school and I realized what I was in for.  The decisions I was making on a daily basis had a bigger impact on my family’s health than I could ever imagine.

The toughest part of raising my children was trying to find a balance between life at home with the kids and a lingering expectation of making money and having a social life.   “There’s only 24 hours in a day” is a great slogan for any parent.  My kids needed to eat 3 times a day and I still had my agenda.  How am I going to feed my children?  Canned goods, frozen pizza, red dye, blue dye, yellow dye, high corn fructose sugar, hydrogenated oils, natural flavor, artificial flavor, pesticides, gmo’s.  It didn’t matter.  The principles of feeding my children were influenced by convenience and sales price.

I gave my 3-year-old son Type 1 diabetes and nobody can tell me different in my eyes. There is a price being paid for convenience and our children are getting the bill.  Blue, red, and yellow dyes are banned in Europe but parents in America don’t mind dyes in children’s snacks.  China refuses to buy pork from the USA because of the dangers of Ractopamine but that has no effect on America’s love for bacon.  Scientists were using Alloxan to induce type 1 diabetes in lab rats during the same time I was giving it to my boy when I fed him products with bleached white flour.  How did America become this disenchanted with our food and water?

We lend our trust in politicians, lawyers, pharmaceutical companies, and big corporations while they devastate our health and resources in exchange for more money than anyone could possibly ever spend.  We are fooled by deceptive labeling and don’t  have a clue what we are feeding our children.  We ignore the voices of the nutritionist, natural healers, fitness professionals, farmers, social workers, moms, dads, teachers and people who want to make a change.  Giving our children pills is easier and more convenient than seeing the correlation between foods and disease.  Hearing its hereditary from a doctor is easier to accept than hearing your lazy from me.

I gave my 3-year-old diabetes and I take full blame.  Two years after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes my son asked me when the doctor was going to take his pump off and it broke my heart when I couldn’t answer him.  Most people are waiting on a magic pill while I believe we need healthy foods.  My sons organs need time to heal and a break from all the toxins and poisons we have been feeding him.  Getting someone to believe type 1 diabetes can be cured with food is hard for anyone to swallow when its coming from a stay at home dad that does not have a doctorate degree.  How can I possibly make a change when the world is against me?

Telling your parents and in-law’s they are not allowed to feed your children fast food does not get you much respect.  Tell your neighbors to stop offering your kids poison popsicle’s and see how popular you are in your neighborhood.  My wife and I had a discussion about not feeding our children Soy Lecithin and 2 minutes later she sent me an article about the benefits of soy.   My little brother is an advocate of aspartame and I will probably get sued if I do not state that none of the ingredients listed above have shown any impact on health. Is all Hope Lost?

People have realized the need for change but feel powerless.  How can we possibly fight against the food industry and large corporations?  We can start by changing the dynamics of family and community.  Making food from scratch and refusing to buy unhealthy products puts pressure on companies putting harmful ingredients in our food.  I have hope that the people around me in my life accept the fact that I gave my 3-year-old son type 1 diabetes and help me to give him the best care possible.  I have hope that society embraces the food babes, wellness mama, smart soaps suds, and other true heroes of our generation who are fighting for a positive change.

Peace out!  Bread not Bombs! Just bought a bottle of Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac and my boo be cooking Lobster!

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